Canada plans to allocate a huge amount for the legalization of marijuana


Канада планирует выделить огромную сумму на легализацию марихуаныThe government sees no wrong in laughing plant.

For proper training of law enforcement to legalization of marijuana, planned for next year, Canada will spend 274 million us dollars.

“We are working closely with partners on the fact that law enforcement was well prepared and had great power within the state and on the border, and was also able to raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs. I’m sure together we can make our roads and society safer, ” – said Gudel.

In his office, explained that the $ 161 million between them in half to divide the provincial and Federal government. The money in the next five years will be available for the exercise of law enforcement officers regarding changes in legislation and best practice identify people under the influence of drugs.

Another $ 113 500 000 will be allocated to the police and border guard service on “developing a plan of action in order to prevent the infiltration of organized crime in the new legal system and to stop the movement of marijuana across the border.”

Recall, the legalization of marijuana was one of the most controversial campaign promises of the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. However, she allowed him to enlist the support of many young voters. The current plan of the government envisages the legalization of the drug in all areas of Canada not later than 1 July of the following year.


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