Canada made the national anthem gender neutral


В Канаде сделали гимн гендерно нейтральным The anthem’s text is slightly corrected.

The Senate of the Parliament of Canada passed a law which amends the text of the national anthem, making it gender neutral.

To change the text of the hymn was offered by the Deputy of the lower house of Parliament from the liberal party Moral the Bellange, the website of the canadian Senate.

Originally the hymn began with the line: Oh, Canada! Our home and native land! All your sons have true love for you (True patriot love in all thy sons command). Now the second line would sound like We all experience true love for you (True patriot love in all of us command).

In order for the law on the new anthem came into force, it must be signed by the Governor General of Canada Julie Payette.

O Canada was originally written in Quebec French and was named Chant National (the nation Chant). In 1908 it was first translated into English. In 1939, he became the unofficial anthem of Canada and remained so until 1980.

Before that the official anthem of the country was a British God Save the Queen.


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