Canada agreed to accept a refugee from Saudi Arabia


Канада согласилась принять беженку из Саудовской Аравии 18-year-old citizen of Saudi Arabia, ran away from his relatives

Canada will grant asylum to nationals of Saudi Arabia Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun who fled from violence in the family and spent almost a week barricaded in a hotel room in Bangkok airport. This was stated by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

“[The UN high Commissioner for refugees] has approached Canada with a request to accept Ms. al-Kunun as a refugee, and we accepted a UN request to grant asylum,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, January 11, head of the migration service of Thailand said that she already went to Canada. “Canada granted her asylum,” said Surachate Hakurk in comments to Reuters.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun, 18-year-old citizen of Saudi Arabia, ran away from his relativeswhen her family was vacationing in Kuwait. January 6 flight from Kuwait she arrived in Bangkok, capital of Thailand.

From there, the girl intended to continue their journey to Australia – she had opened a three-month tourist visa to that country and claim asylum.

However, in the Bangkok airport she was refused entry to Thailand and passport was taken away. She then barricaded himself in a hotel room the airport and has launched a Twitter campaign about his escape. Through social networks she gained enough support and international attention to convince Thai officials to temporarily pass it under the protection of the UN.


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