Can, when want!


Можем, когда захотим!

Recently on the set of solved such task: it is necessary that the shot entered the sofa.

All of us prepared for the worst. And the guys took the couch for two minutes screwed to it special upholstery the wheels, attached the rope and the rope pulled the sofa into the frame.

To understand the scale of a miracle — usually the problem is solved like this: to the couch riveted fourteen anchor chains. Overall three hundred men, choking chromakeying overalls, pulled, like ants, each to his own. Part of the chains comes off. Crack children’s bikes, which includes a sofa. Fall off the couch the stars. Sofa throws a camera, canteen, agent monitor, the procedure lasts four hours, and then the whole scene remake on the chart.

And then went and imported.

I remember having tears welled up — God, after all can, when want!..

Now I have the same feeling on the results of the Smart Vote.

It would seem that the task is overwhelming: you need to remember the candidate, on Sunday to go to school, find the name in the list and put a tick.

And suddenly it turned out that many with it!

God, that makes me happy.

I’m so proud of people!

If 20 years ago we started to include the brain, would already be in another country living…

Well, nothing, nothing, quietly…

Not all at once…

Life there is still a look how much!..



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