Can microwave to repeat the success of the Dragunov rifle


High accuracy, ergonomics and time-tested “three-way” cartridge 7,62x54r mm Russian arms in 2020 will launch a series of new sniper rifle Chukavina. It is expected to replace the Dragunov, which is popular in the world, little inferior to the Kalashnikov.

The convenience and compactness

Samothrace Andrew Chukavina presented to the public on the forum “Army-2017”. New aroused great interest. Externally, the microwave is very different from the well-recognizable rifles Dragunov. Instead of the usual wooden bed with high — strength plastic, customized ergonomics.

Microwave significantly in short: with unfolded butt — only about a meter. Weight without scope is just over four pounds. The stated range of up to 1200 meters. The designers have placed special emphasis on compactness — now this is one of the main requirements of the security forces to new weapons.

Rifle Chukavina designed for marksmen infantry snipers or, as they are called sharpshooters. As a rule, these men are not alone but part of a unit. Their mission is to hit the most important goals, in which a large distance is difficult to get out of the machine. At the same instant cooldown marksmen always have the ability to quickly adjust the fire.

Marksmen involved in urban combat, storming buildings or other defenses. In a confined space that snipers often have to take the rifle back and use the secondary weapon, so compactness is especially prized.

Honored master of sports, world champion in practical shooting Andrew Kirienko who helped develop microwave, shared with RIA Novosti impressions of the new rifle.

“It’s nice to take in hand, comfortable to hold, — he said. Is the weapon itself has a more accurate shot from different positions — prone, standing, stop, with different owner, from the car, in the “address” (a confined space. — Approx. ed.). In addition, the microwave can be used as an assault rifle. Recoil is soft, no strong momentum. This is very important, because when two equal level training enter into a duel, wins the one who will be faster at least for a split second. Microwave not only shoots accurately, but also quickly.”

Heir to the legend

Structurally, the rifle is made of curtain scheme with linear feedback. Along the body — Picatinny rail, allowing you to install any current and future sighting systems. For example, at microwave frequencies can be screwed day, night vision and thermal imaging devices.

With regard to the internal device, then the rifle got checked by time and wars layout Dragunov. Gunsmiths have developed several modifications for different cartridges. Microwave able to shoot the classic “mosinskoy” the 7.62×54 NATO and the 7.62×51. In addition, the version created under sniper caliber .338 Lapua Magnum. There are plans to release a civilian modification.

Chief editor of the magazine “Kalashnikov” Mikhail Degtyarev in an interview with RIA Novosti noted that the borrowing schemes of the Dragunov — the dignity of the microwave.

“This rifle is the successor and heir to the SVD because of its heart — the node locking — took the “older sister” — says Degtyarev. — As well as the concept of the bolt and gas engine, differing only in details. That’s good because the SVD this node can be called a solution close to genius.”

The manufacturer reports a high accuracy characteristics and good accuracy of the microwave: from the distance of a hundred meters bullets hit a circle with a diameter of three centimeters. For comparison, the SVD is a scatter of up to ten.

Work on the bugs

Now the rifle Chukavina undergoing comprehensive testing. In parallel, it continues to Refine, in terms of ergonomics and reliability.

“We need to wait until the rifle will be finished shape and confirm the declared characteristics, — said Degtyarev. — When the microwave start in the series and will be adopted, it will be possible to compare with the main competitor — the German sniper semi-automatic Samothraki HK417”.

Similar opinion is shared by Andrew Kirilenko. “The leader in this class, of course, remains the HK417, which is characterized by high accuracy and reliability. But it is terribly expensive, he said. Before our designers had a task to make the rifle not worse, and preferably to surpass the German. And they succeeded. There were no copy — in Russia, a weapons school and the tradition.”

Kirienko noted that a semi-automatic rifle in a medium caliber is rapidly gaining popularity, displacing the so-called bytovki.

“Technology has evolved so much that for accuracy, weight and dimensions semi-automatic machines give approximately the same results, — the expert emphasizes. — While it is possible to quickly re-shot. If the microwave will go into the series in the same quality as the prototypes presented, it will definitely become number one in this class.”

As expected, the main customer of the microwave will speak of the Ministry of defense of Russia, although the novelty of interest and other law enforcement agencies. It is time to begin the gradual replacement of the popular but rapidly aging SVD.

Self-loading rifle Dragunov entered service with the Soviet army in 1963. It greatly increased the firepower of small units infantry — soldier with a “whip” could reach a target at a distance up to 800 meters. NATO has such weapons then there function of marksmen performed the arrows with the usual M-16 rifles equipped with optics. Later the analogues of the SVD developed in the West — in particular the semi-automatic M110 sniper L129A1 and G28.

The Dragunov is still in service in more than thirty countries and remains the most popular, simple, reliable and cheap sniper weapon in the world.


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