Cameron Diaz managed to get pregnant an unusual way


The parents want to keep it secret.

A source close to the family of celebrities, announced that Diaz failed to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

“Her path was not easy – to tell the relatives of the actress. – One time she thought she could never get pregnant, but the hope was still. And finally she had a reason to celebrate. ECO work – Cameron pregnant!»

Earlier in his numerous interview Diaz said that he plans to become a mother.

“I have many girlfriends who have no children – confessed star. – Honestly, guys? We don’t need children. On this planet and so many people. But I never say “never”. I don’t know what will happen next.”

Despite this statement, it is for replenishment in the family Cameron Diaz in 2015 left acting. In the same year, Diaz and Madden have invested about ten million dollars in the renovation of their home in Beverly hills, preparing to become parents.


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