Called unique healing properties of sea salt


Названы уникальные для здоровья свойства морской солиIt contains many useful minerals.

To find sea salt in our time is not difficult. Some people use this salt in food instead of regular salt. Others take sea salt baths.

In sea salt contains: manganese, magnesium, bromine, fluorine and other substances useful to humans. To apply this Sol is not only for baths but also for the manufacture of masks and scrubs.

Not only the face needs exfoliation, dead skin cells accumulate on the scalp under the hair. Few tools are suitable in order to clean the skin under the hair from the flakes of dead skin. So as not to harm the hair follicles, scrub should be soft, gentle. This scrub can be prepared from yogurt and sea salt. 20g sea salt, mix with 20ml of ordinary yogurt.

Before using the scrub head needs to be wet (in the shower). Scrub gentle circular movements applied to the head. Using 10min wash your hair using your regular shampoo. If you use this scrub 2-3 times in a month, no dandruff will not.

Sea salt and honey you can prepare a wonderful body scrub. Of liquid natural honey and sea salt should be taken in the ratio 50:50 mix. Using a scrub after taking a hot shower. Means it is necessary to grind steamed skin. Skin after this scrub will be surprisingly soft, “youthful”.

Mask based on sea salt is well suited for women. You want to shift 15g cream, 10g nonfat (0%) cottage cheese and 6g of sea salt. The mask is ready. This mask should be applied not only on face but also neck. Keep 15min. After wash.

This mask helps lighten age spots and soften the skin.


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