Called traditional medicines that can replace antibiotics


Названы средства народной медицины, способные заменить антибиотикиNatural antibiotic in folk medicine

In various acute or chronic diseases are the types of plants and herbs that provide effective protection and treatment due to the antibiotic effect.

Experts have told that the thyme, oregano, chamomile and sage can provide protection to the body. The volatile oils thymol and carvacrol contained in the thyme, not only has a strong antibacterial, but also antiviral effect. Thyme is an antispasmodic digestive herb and has a stimulating effect. Oregano has almost the same effect. Chamomile has antimicrobial and Coccinellidae action.

Sage is another useful herb with antibacterial effects. It is most often used in infections of the throat and mouth. This healing herb can be used in two ways – in the form of tea or juice squeezed.

Other antimicrobial plant products – onions and garlic. Louis Pasteur found that garlic has antibiotic action and is also helpful for fungal infections. Its main ingredient, allicin, is one of the largest antibiotics in the plant world. This substance can help with a variety of infections, including bronchitis, influenza and sinusitis. In relation to garlic, onions also contain similar active ingredients and has similar properties, but not as much as garlic.

Do not forget about the red blueberries. It mostly helps with urinary infections and problems with bladder.

Cranberry prevents layering of the bacteria to the teeth and ensures very good prevention of dental calculus. You can eat them both fresh and dried or drink in juice form. Use herbs and plants from nature, they will give health!


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