Called the possible causes a significant loss of hair


Названы возможные причины сильного выпадения волосMany girls face issues with hair, and both want to have beautiful and healthy hair.

Most often poor quality hair has internal causes. With what may be due to severe hair loss, dull hair, excessive breakage, why hair do not grow and rapidly turning gray, as reported by dietitian Ekaterina Pavlova on his page in Instagram.

“It’s probably not a secret that the hair is much more affected by the state of our body than the external environment – shampoos, masks, oils. This is all very well, but is more in addition,” – said the expert.

According to her, hair is skin appendages as nails. And of course the body will not waste their food on their resources if more important processes and agencies is not all right.

Appendages of the skin and our appearance – very well reflect the imbalance of the internal state.

In what could be the cause of severe hair loss and why hair does not grow more than a certain length?

What on the surface hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency. In this condition thinning hair whole body can poredet or cease to grow eyebrows.

Iron deficiency is a very frequent condition for women. Oxygen and nutrients simply do not reach your hair.

Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Protein deficiency, especially low-calorie diet, rapid weight loss, vegetarianism. Low stomach acidity.

Serious disorder in the gastrointestinal tract, bile stasis, violation of the microflora, SIBR. Nutrients can not be absorbed.

Chronic stress. Or acute stress in the recent past.

A high toxic load on the body, or acute intoxication.


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