Called the main condition for a happy marriage


Названо главное условие счастливого бракаScientists conducted a study.

Happiness in marriage is largely dependent on healthy sleep. These are the findings of a small but interesting study by American scientists from the University of Florida.

Well, if you start to doubt the correctness of the choice of its second half, maybe you just didn’t get enough sleep … the Researchers asked 68 couples a week to monitor the number of daily sleep, and then asked them to answer a few simple questions about their married life.

The questions concerned the overall vision of family life, as well as some everyday moments. Don’T get hung up on the details, did not feel mistrust to the partner, and generally were more satisfied with their partner, those couples who during the experiment enough visiblelist. Those suffering from insomnia or Sony, showed significantly worse results, so excessive sleeping also is not good. Scientists believe that these results once again confirm the importance of sleep to normalize the emotional state of the person, or otherwise affects the relationship.

Since the ordering of sleep has a positive effect on the ability to control emotions, couples with the optimal mode of the day easier to cope with all difficulties. It turns out that really healthy sleep – the way to a happy family life!


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