Called the hidden dangers of eating ice cream


A popular treat is harmful to health.

The ice cream may contain harmful additives, but its use can cause a real addiction. Scientists told about the harmful sides of popular treats, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

The selection of ice cream should be approached carefully and thoughtfully – bought treat may harm your health.

Vegetable fats

Doctor Olga Grigoryan said that in cheap ice cream often contains vegetable fat, including palm oil. Their consumption harms that increases the level of “bad” cholesterol in the body, it can develop atherosclerosis and diabetes.


According to him, ice cream is a combination of sweet and fat tastes, very strong for a human. Dependence, which can cause ice cream, said Grigoryan, comparable with addiction to chocolate and junk food.


Olga Grigoryan recommends eating no more than one serving of ice cream per week this product in large quantities could easily cause excess weight. The expert stressed that purchase ice cream in the first place gyropendulum is a high-calorie product with a low content of protein.


Doctor Alla Red have warned that the ice cream can harm the condition of those people who are allergic to cow’s milk protein.

In addition, in ice cream often found the dye E102, which may provoke the development of allergic reactions in people who can not tolerate aspirin, dipyrone, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


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