Called the danger of bad sex


Названа опасность плохого сексаNo sex is less room for error.

There are different opinions how much for a pair of important an active sexual relationship and physical attraction.

Psychologist Steven Batchen explains what can end the relationship, couples have problems due to lack of physical attraction or quantity of sex, writes Psychology Today.

If the couple has symptoms such that one partner can cheat on you with somebody else. After this action, chances of survival decrease pairs.

A woman may resent her husband to which she is not pulled.

Partners often to avoid sexual intercourse, searching for additional classes. For example, staying after work. May experience emotional discharge, that is, when the partner feels lonely with the other partner.

People may be prone to offense. This is due to the fact that partners blame each other in adversity.

If one of the partners is not happy with the relationship, then there is a greater risk of divorce.

Also, we will remind, as it became known from the 84-page report of the UN Agency for refugees, which came into the hands of the journalists of the British The Times, employees more than fifty major international organizations for decades on end changed humanitarian assistance for sexual services in the refugee camps in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia.


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