Called signs of hidden depression


Названы признаки скрытой депрессии Depression can be insidious.

It is considered that a person suffering from depression is depressed and feels sadness and apathy. In some cases, depression can be insidious and even the man himself does not realize that he needs help. What are the signs of latent depression exist?


If you notice for themselves that can chance to cry or, conversely, to flare up over nothing, and such cases are repeated more often, no need to think that to blame your complicated nature. This is one of the signs of hidden depression.


Bouts of brutal appetite, or conversely, complete indifference to food as well say that you are not all right. Watch for them, probably, thus you hide your negative emotions.


A depressed person may suffer from insomnia and this only aggravates the condition. There are cases when a person does not have problems falling asleep and falls asleep instantly, as if trying to escape from problems. But the dream remains superficial, people are still not getting enough sleep, even if asleep for 15 hours.


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