Called proven folk remedies for bowel cleansing


Названы проверенные народные средства для очищения кишечникаThe doctors suggested recipe bowel cleansing for a week.

We have already talked about how important at least once a year to clean out toxins the liver and kidneys.

The same requires our intestine whose main function is to absorb and assimilate a small part of nutrients that have not been previously processed by the body, formation of feces and their subsequent removal from the body.

In our today’s article we will tell you how to clean and detox the bowel naturally and at home.

Weekly cleaning

Thus, the purification process takes one week, if you realize that this time is not enough, can extend the procedure for another week.

Importantly, after bowel cleansing you’ve tried to maintain a correct eating habits that the body is not felt at once a great burden and started to suffer from the negative effects of harmful products.

Permitted and prohibited products

In the course of this week (or two) you have to be very strict with yourself in terms of food, the only way to achieve the desired results in such a short time. This should eliminate from your diet the following products:

Processed cereals and refined flour, as well as their derivatives: bakery and confectionery products. To replace them whole grain cereals and whole wheat flour, with natural dietary fiber.

White sugar and sugary drinks: try to use honey, molasses (molasses) or brown sugar. Give preference to natural juices (without added sugar).

– Refined oils and fried foods: choose olive oil or coconut oil is cold pressed and consume them without prior heat treatment.

– Red meat and meat products: instead, they can eat white meat, fish, eggs and vegetables, let it be the main sources of protein for the body.

– Milk and dairy products: the only exception is cheese, preferably goat or sheep milk. You can also consume beverages of plant origin, for example, oat or rice milk, drink based on millet or buckwheat, etc.

– Finally, you should give up coffee and cigarettes.

How to improve bowel function?

During the colon cleansing is very important to help its work. This can be achieved with the following foods:

– Flax seeds: soak one teaspoon of flax seed (about 10 g) in water and leave overnight. Fasting morning drink a glass of the resulting liquid with the seeds.

– Prunes: eat 3 or 4 things prunes on an empty stomach, immediately after Flaxseed.

2 infusion of dandelion: one Cup in the afternoon and one in the afternoon.

– Pumpkin seeds: during the day, try to eat 30 pumpkin seeds (raw). This will allow to get rid of possible intestinal parasites.

– Artichoke: at night before going to bed, drink extract of artichoke (it can be in liquid form, capsules or tablets, available at pharmacies).

Daily enemas with chamomile

Enemas are a traditional remedy, is the direct introduction of water or drug infusion into the rectum through the anus. This will help to clean the intestines from toxins and accumulated feces.

During the week, it is advisable to do three enemas (every other day). For this you need a water pick or a rubber bulb, which are sold in pharmacies.

And the ingredients you will need the following:

– A liter of infusion of chamomile. It should be environmentally friendly product.
– Juice of one lemon.
– 1 teaspoon of sea salt.
– 1 liter of boiled water.
– How to do?

Please note that before the procedure is to consult a doctor.

Mix all ingredients and get ready a mixture for enemas. These two liters to be poured into the rectum, the tip of the rubber bulb irrigator or preferably pre-greased with a little vegetable oil. Insert the tip slowly, stopping if necessary. Then will tolerate the maximum amount of time (as I can) before bowel movements.

Repeat until, until the liquid. Do this procedure preferably on an empty stomach, at least two hours after the last meal.

After the procedure, bowel cleansing is better to take a dietary Supplement to restore intestinal flora and prolong the cleaning effect. These supplements are also sold in drugstores, they should always be taken separately from meals, preferably on an empty stomach in the morning.


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