Called products that cannot be consumed as a midnight snack


Probably everyone at least once in your life reached out to the fridge in the middle of the night.

This Zagor can result in serious health problems if is not what you need. Exactly what foods you should not eat as a night snack, the expert said, reports the with reference to health info.

Fried foods

Fried is obviously not the best option-night snack. Usually, such dishes or cooked in hot fat or very starchy or protein. By the way, the last option is still not the worst. However, if meat or eggs are cooked in butter, it is the carcinogens that can lead to health problems.

Fried often want due to the fact that the man had a bad eating day, anything useful did not eat. Therefore, the body requires something harmful. To correct the situation can only be balanced diet: eat right during the day and night harmful snack want will not.


Sweet porridge — is also the worst night snack. Rice, oats, buckwheat — it might not be a bad meal, but definitely not as a night snack. After all, they add sugar, which at night will definitely be harmful.

Sweet want for the reason that body lacks energy. In other words, man again is not properly fed during the day. And this may be due to metabolic imbalance. The solution to this problem can only help the endocrinologist.

If you want sweet, then as a night snack is better to use the fruit. Ideal will be oranges, tangerines, or kiwi. They have fiber and fructose. But starchy fruits, such as bananas is not the best.


Such night snacking can lead to serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Sharp condiments and spices that add different dishes, can kindle the digestive fire. Because of this, the stomach will have to work all night, that’ll lead to a deterioration of his condition.

Acute often want because of the lack of certain enzymes for proper digestion. Therefore, this desire may be the reason for trips to the gastroenterologist. Sometimes the doctors find out what cause the desire to eat is an acute infection with helminths. But as a night snack spicy to eat in any case impossible.


If you want to eat as a night snack of chocolate, then this may be just a desire to get pleasant emotions. As you know, emotional stability is closer to the evening is reduced, and therefore it needs recharging. Chocolate may seem harmless. But it is better not to use such a night snack. To joy can be quite different ways. For example, to make love, perform a run, have a massage or watch an interesting movie.


We have already mentioned that protein products are not the worst option-night snack. However, meat protein is extremely long to digest. This requires up to six hours. So a night snack in the form of patties or a piece of sausage — the worst option. Meat can be eaten before 20:00 not later.

Meat I want, usually because of malnutrition. Can also be disrupted cholesterol metabolism, experience a deficiency of iron. Of course, doctors do not advise to completely exclude meat from the diet, but there can be no less than five to six hours before bedtime.

Bean products

Very useful bean products, but only during the day. They have a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, as a night snack they can lead to bloating and enhance digestion. In other words, the digestive tract will have to work all night

If you want beans, we are talking about a deficit of some substances, for example, protein, which in this dish very much. Instead choose lighter foods — yogurt or kefir.


Very often a night snack are apples. And we have said that the lack of sugar is better to replace chocolate or pastries, and fruit. However, apples should not choose. The fact is that they are very download the pancreas and small intestine, forcing them to work most of the night. So choose the safer fruits, like oranges or kiwi.


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