Called home version of the birth of the Earth


Названа главная версия рождения ЗемлиThere are three hypotheses of the birth of our planet.

Scientists from the Californian University (USA) confirmed the hypothesis of the origin of the Earth, whereby our planet is very rapidly formed from a cloud of gas and dust around the Sun.

A study published in the journal Nature, and briefly about it tells the portal Scientists have tried to explain how the Earth’s mantle appeared neon.

It is an inert noble gas, which is not affected by chemical and biological processes. This neon is different from water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. He “keeps a memory of where they came from, even after 4.5 billion years after the appearance of the Earth.”

The first is that the Earth was formed 2-5 million, capturing all of the necessary surrounding Sun clouds. The second theory involves the formation of dust particles under the irradiation of the Sun turned into tiny objects called planetesimals.

Third option: Earth was formed slowly, and the water, carbon and nitrogen delivered to her meteorites. The researchers measured the ratios of isotopes of neon, captured the mantle of the Earth at the time of its formation.

Neon has three isotopes: neon 20, 21 and 22. All are stable and nonradioactive, but neon-21 is formed by the decay of uranium. That is, the number of neon-20 and 22 on the Ground consistently since its birth.

The ratio of isotopes, which scientists have calculated, was significantly higher than the models of “irradiated particles” and “late accretion”. This speaks in favor of the theory that the Earth was formed relatively quickly.


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