Called five rules for the brisk winter morning


Названы пять правил для бодрого зимнего утраIn winter it is not enough just to Wake up, need to cheer up somehow.

In the cold season, almost everyone has difficulty with early rising from bed, charges for work and execution of mandatory tasks during the day. Drowsiness overtakes all who are not able to boost your energy in the morning, so experts have compiled a list of rules that will help to Wake up quickly in the winter and chipper to go to work/school.

Include these five rules in your mode, then your winter morning is fresh and good:

1. Get an alarm for 30-60 minutes later than usual. But you should go to bed too early, otherwise your body will experience stress from lack of sleep.

2. Wash with cool water, and then take a contrast shower. Cool water invigorates perfectly, her way, can be used during the day, and if you want to sleep.

3. Turn on your favorite music in the morning. It will allow you to quickly turn on and stop thinking about sleep. Scientists proved that love, pleasant to the ear, music can give a person positive energy.

4. Breakfast with something nutritious, healthy and tasty. Sandwiches, for example, preparing for a couple of minutes, just do not put bread sausage or sausage. Boil the chicken breast in the evening and in the morning cut a few slices of whole wheat bread and lay them on lettuce leaves, sliced meat, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, in General, any vegetables that are in your fridge, and boiled egg. Eat Breakfast and health.

5. Wear bright clothing. Of course, this rule can execute only those who have at work are no clear rules regarding dress code. The rest must choose at least one article of clothing that only one color will improve your mood.

You can still go to work on foot at least 1-2 km to saturate the blood with oxygen, it is also a positive effect on performance and mood.


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