Called diet that really can prolong life


Названа диета, которая действительно способна продлить жизнь

Rapidly gaining popularity kettiya really improves brain function in old age and markedly increases the chances of a long and healthy life. To this conclusion came from two groups of biologists, the results of studies which were published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

“The fact that this diet strongly affect memory and brain function in later years of life, very inspires us. Older mouse who ate this way had a stronger memory than young rodents on a normal diet. This is really an amazing discovery,” said one of the authors from the University of California in San Francisco (USA), Eric Verdin.

The main difference between cattily from other diets is the fact that most of the calories in it are not carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Such replacement causes the brain and other organs of the body to use glucose, fatty acids and ketones as a primary energy source, RIA “Novosti”.

This puts the muscle and brain cells in special regime “energy conservation”, resulting in the first become more hardy, and the second is aging slower. For this reason ketone diet today became especially popular among cyclists, marathon runners and representatives of other sports disciplines where the important endurance.

As previously reported, “True.Ru”, the specialists of the University of southwestern medical center in Texas has determined the best time for food intake, contributing to weight loss. The experiment was conducted on mice – the benefits of cattily also been proven in rodents.

The mice were divided into several groups depending on power options. Graduation was on caloric intake, limitations of access and time of feedings. After some time, experts have noticed that was able to lose weight mice, fed exclusively by day and exceptional low calorie food. Their relatives, who were not restricted in food, even at night significantly better. Those who eat food with little calories, but at night, not too impressed with its performance.

The study’s lead author Dr. Joseph Takahashi explained that the diet is appropriate, if a person consumes food at the peak of its activity. Then there is a greater expenditure of calories, and there is no fear of extra pounds. By the conviction of the scientist, even a balanced or low calorie meal in the evening will not help to lose weight.




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