Called common errors when changing the engine oil


Названы распространенные ошибки при замене моторного маслаExperts called the main mistakes.

Replacement of engine oil – a simple and at the same time, difficult operation maintenance of the vehicle. Experts named the main error of this procedure is to extend the work of the power plant.

No need to save on motor oil, and pour that which was already in the engine, because when you mix products from two different manufacturers, increasing the probability of sediment. The filter should be changed after the washing liquid, and the cars that drove more than 150 thousand km, require more careful maintenance and more frequent oil changes.

The following error consists in wrong selection of the liquid through the ignorance of its protective against corrosion and cooling properties.

Also, experts note that it is impossible to add an additive, because it will not be the solution to problems, and can upset the balance in the lubrication of the engine. Replace the old oil is completely new and of high quality.


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