Called basic rules of healthy eating


Названы основные правила здорового питания Experts told how to eat.

In today’s world it is fashionable to be slim and athletic. Age diets is going out. Many of them only bring harm to the body, however, their efficiency is equal to zero. For this reason, many are thinking about switching to a proper diet (hereafter PP).

What is a healthy diet?

PP or otherwise healthy diet is not only a beautiful figure, but also a good good health. PP is primarily high-quality, natural foods that provide the body with all necessary elements and vitamins. Every day diet should include five food groups:

• Vegetables and fruits

• Dairy products

• Meat and eggs

• Cereals and grains

• Offal

A day should be five meals and each of them should include ingredients from all five groups. At Breakfast is preferable to choose cereals or cereal products, lunch, suitable meats and vegetables, for dinner, treat yourself to fish or cottage cheese for snacks use fruits.

How to combine products?

You must remember that not all products match each other. That incorrectly balanced products are poorly absorbed by the body, said Roman physician and philosopher Celsius. The human body for digestion, secretes special enzymes. Each item (protein, carbohydrate, fat, starch, sugar) has its own unique structure and each structure is produced by your enzyme cleavage. Therefore, it is also necessary to use similar structure of the compound. Bad recycled elements are deposited in the body as fat and toxins. In any case, it is impossible to combine protein+carbohydrate protein+fat, protein+starch.

Products about figured out, go to the power supply. Always hard to start. Let’s start small. In the store to buy more fruits and vegetables, pork beef model, instead of mayonnaise use olive oil, change the bread and rolls grain bread. Need to learn to understand that you put in your mouth. At first preferred to arrange his menu for the next day. The total amount of calories for women should not exceed 2000, for males 2500. If you are active in sports, the number of calories should increase. To distribute food also properly. Breakfast and lunch most dense meals, dinner and snacks should be light. Is to eat slowly, not overeating, drink plenty of water (minimum 2 liters per day).

Following these simple rules, you can lose weight, transform your body and the body is in order.


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