Called accidental causes beriberi


Stress and lack of sleep is very dangerous.

For the maintenance of the nervous system, the body spends enormous resources, including nutrients and micronutrients, because to avoid vitamin deficiency is to reduce stress and how to sleep, reports the with reference on Voice.

About that the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

“By the spring the body is exhausted after the cold and lack of sunlight, there is often a lack of vitamins, because even with the right diet “find” them in the fruits or greens rather difficult. Even more exhausted the body the stress and lack of sleep.

For the prevention of beriberi should be included in the diet as more fresh plant foods, dairy products, cereals. Very useful herbs, especially if you grow it yourself on the windowsill. It is also more likely to include in the diet of marine fish, seafood and nuts.

But it is equally important to try to establish a normal sleep and try to reduce daily stress,” said the doctor.

When a person is nervous, angry, worried, a huge number of vitamins and minerals is spent on the maintenance of the nervous system — of course, completely impossible to avoid this acknowledged expert, but to learn not to worry over trifles, to be calmer household situation, should learn.


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