Called a simple way to reduce daily stress


Назван простой способ уменьшения ежедневных стрессов Council of psychologists associated with the use of a smartphone.

Scientists have long known that frequent use of mobile gadgets can cause stress. A recent study psychologists found, what’s the easiest way to reduce stress from the use of the smartphone.

The scientific world has long been discussed the danger of using smartphones to psychological health. Daily alerts on mobile gadgets cause a person stress due to choice: to see whether a new notification or to continue current activity. Besides, the more a person is distracted by the smartphone, the more reduced the concentration of his attention and work performance.

Psychologists do not call to completely disable smartphones, but offer an alternative option to set notifications for up to three times per day. A study was conducted where one group of volunteers notifications from different apps came three times a day, and the second group received no notifications at all.

As it turned out, the complete lack of notification may also cause anxiety – the participants constantly checked my phone for any notifications. The group of volunteers with limited admission alerts felt relaxed and less distracted by smartphones.


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