Called 5 useful features of Google Chrome for Android


Google Chrome – mobile – is full of hidden and experimental features, to access which the average user can accidentally just will not succeed.

Despite its dejavnosti, they greatly facilitate the interaction with the browser to provide new functionality not available to the default level. However, there is nothing difficult or dangerous in the activation of these functions. Tell where to find them, how to activate and what they’re good for, according to the with reference to

This, as you probably realized, most of them today will focus on the so-called flags. This experimental features that are hidden in the settings menu.

Probably every Chrome user, faced with a articles recommended by the browser to read. They are located under the tab with selected sites are based on your interests and regularly updated. However, if you wish, you can disable them permanently. To do this, type in the address bar chrome://flags, then look for the option #enable-ntp-remote-suggestion and unplug it.

Switch tabs swipe

Unlike competing solutions available on the market, the ability to switch between tabs via swipe for Google Chrome is available by default and does not require any additional movements. To switch from one open tab to another, simply swipe right or left on the address bar.

Despite the fact that night mode is a Google Chrome for Android for quite some time, it is still not available as a regular function. To activate it you must go to menu flags, find the value #enable-android-night-mode and turn it on. Then in the settings tab appears with the themes, which will allow you to activate night mode.

Surprisingly, few people know that the search function in Google Chrome implemented much better than the competition. If if suddenly you met in the text of the unfamiliar word to find in Google, just highlight it and swipe up from the bottom of the pop-up window. There you will see the links matches the search query.

Another function of Google Chrome, which is disabled by default but can be enabled in the pilot menu, — click “Home”. It returns you from any website on the front page of a browser with selected links. To activate it go to menu flags, find the value #force-enable-home-page-button, activate it, and then unload Chrome from phone memory and activate again.


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