California residents were allowed to return to burnt Paradise


Жителям Калифорнии разрешили вернуться в сгоревший дотла ПарадайзBefore the fire the city’s population of 27 000 people

A week and a half after overcoming forest fires in California in the deserted town of Paradise Wednesday, 5 December, began returning residents. Permission to return was granted at first only for 24 hours. The government has warned people against harmful toxins and other hazardous fires, said the press Secretary of the administration of Butte County Kelly Lutz.

The police chief of Paradise Eric Reinbold reported that returns were opened in neighborhoods where they lived 4,7 thousand people. However it is unknown how many of them took the opportunity to explore what is left of their homes. Many residents moved in with family members and friends in other cities in California.

In total have been displaced more than 50,000 people. The city, which is home to 27,000 people, was completely destroyed by fire. He remained without electricity, water and telephone network.


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