California created a hypercar with six motors


В Калифорнии создали гиперкар с шестью электромоторамиStartup Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research (RAESR) has developed an electric supercar Tachyon Speed.

RAESR startup based in California and the establishment of its electroporator spent five years.

The car is named in honor of tachyon particles, which has not been seen in the eye, but argues that she is able to move faster than the speed of light. The name is very ambitious, however, as the project itself, which has incorporated a lot of innovation and bold engineering solutions. First, the machine is equipped with as many as six electric motors with a total capacity of 1250 HP with fantastic torque 4 448 N∙m. the Drive, of course, full.

Secondly, the developers did a really great job with the aerodynamics and the drag coefficient is CX=0,39. Additionally, when high speeds are automatically activated aerodynamic elements at the rear of the car, increasing downforce.

And, third, the developers chose the less common tandem Seating arrangement, driver and passenger, and in its place they fall only after a whole leans to the front. Tachyon Speed weighs 1388 kg at 96 km/h accelerates in less than three seconds, and so typically American exercise to overcome a quarter of a mile, spends less than 10 seconds.

The maximum speed is 386 km/h and a fully charged battery the car can travel 241 kilometers.

Americans do not give any information about the future prospects of his elektrogitarre, although it is clear that the project was conceived not for the sake of PR attention, and certainly they will try to establish its production in small series. Which automatically means the price tag is six zeros.

В Калифорнии создали гиперкар с шестью электромоторами


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