Calendar will not save


Календарь не спасет

Continuing the theme of long new year holidays. The impression that some of the readers live in different States.

In one rich, successful, smiling people in a long weekend go to stop to admire the rich decoration of the winter cities visited by friends and festive activities sigilat in cafes and restaurants, in extreme cases, mass dispanserisation paid medclinic.

In another, where the median salary is 25 thousand rubles, a pension of about 14, where losers gnawing enforced solitude, but the weather did not have to Proms, people from lack of money don’t know what to do, fall into depression and despair, vent anger on children and relatives (who have them) and, as a last resort sound are nothing special, go into a quiet bout.

Wake up, friends! Stop to listen to teleogical!

As for themselves, official holidays, for the most part invented in the industrial past, as well as their influence on the mood of the people, that this transformation does not depend on the calendar, and the state of the soul. If the inner world is positive, regardless of the accompanying problems, no separate “red days” is not needed, if you are prone to melancholy and apathy, the calendar will not save you.


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