By well-known Ukrainian group filed a lawsuit: the cause


The lawsuit was filed in the amount of more than a million.

On the Ukrainian pop-rock band “Antibodies” filed a lawsuit for using music and tone in the songs. This was reported on the group page in Facebook.

“Absurd lawsuit portends to become resonant. While “Antibody” preparing for the premiere of the video “Believe” on their creativity and decided to enrich a group of swindlers headed Lapkovsky S. A. “, – stated in the message.

It is noted that Sergey Lapkowski put forward the claim of the group “Antytila”, supposedly they are in creating their compositions, used his patent for useful model No. 74516 “Method of setting parameters of musical composition”. The authors of the songs of Taras Poplar, Sergey Usik and Maxim Sivolap got a court summons. The value of the claim is 1018692, 64 UAH.

“The absurdity of the situation is that using the imperfection of the legislative framework governing the work of the bodies of the licensing system in our country for obtaining copyrights and patents, a group of scammers were able to get a patent for something that existed in the music world for many centuries. We are talking about banning the use of musicians of certain tonalities and tempo in their songs, ” – said the musicians.

“This will be the first such court case in the world, built on government-issued patent for invention, and in fact on a theory that is not supported by evidence. To create a precedent – that is the ultimate goal Lapkovskogo S. A., and his accomplices to further enrich the musicians of Ukraine. Against fraud, in response to a criminal case, ” said the group.

“Antibodies” offered to pay a certain amount and the claim the claim would be withdrawn. But we did not go for it, because for us it is crucial. It is something similar to what you are forbidden to use certain words in writing texts, or certain movements in the choreographic productions. This kind of savagery. If we do not defend truth, may receive judicial precedent, and the target of attacks can become a artist of Ukraine. Because all the musicians are now using in writing songs certain tone, sounding at a certain pace, ” commented the claim of the leader of the group Taras Poplar.

Open the preparatory court session on business will take place on 23 January in the Podolsk district court of Kiev. Representative Antibodies in the case will be the lawyer Yaroslav Kuts.


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