Buying a used car: what mileage is acceptable


Покупка подержанного авто: какой пробег является приемлемымHow not to be mistaken with a choice.

Buying a used car, many motorists wondering what mileage most acceptable. Mileage, by and large, cannot be called an indicator of the quality of the machine. However, it can help identify the cause of problem areas of the car.

One of the most common such place is the consumption of oil and also fuel. Usually with higher mileage increases the level of resource consumption. This raises the need for parts replacement.

Each car the optimal amount of mileage is different. The same goes for domestic cars. So VAZ-2105 or VAZ-2107 model can travel up to 300 000 km, while remaining on the go. But for the models of the older generation, such a figure is prohibitive. Such a car is disposed of or subjected to overhaul.

The optimal size of the run is fairly easy to calculate. The annual operation is allowed no more than 20 000 km.

Should not only pay attention to the mileage of the vehicle. It happens that the car’s speedometer indicated a very high mileage, but the car has the perfect look.

Also sometimes Vice versa. Consequently, to evaluate the car should be extremely complex and not “bother” only the testimony of the panel of the car.


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