Butusov: Crashed in Syria of Russian aircraft shot down by the rebels


Бутусов: Упавший в Сирии российский самолет сбили повстанцы

Russian SU-30SM in Syria, the rebels shot down. Claimed by the journalist Vyacheslav Butusov.

“In my opinion, the statement of the defense Ministry is proof that the SU-30 really was shot down by Syrian rebels. The plane could perform maneuvers and to cling to the surface — but it is not maneuvered, and took off. The crew could lose orientation and failure of the devices in conditions of poor visibility crash into the water. But the plane took off in perfect weather over the Bank and could not lose orientation even in case of failure of the device height,” – says Butusov.

According to the journalist, the pilot managed to eject if the plane crashed due to technical problems.

“Russia is hiding losses in Syria by all means. The real number of deaths classified soldiers, make mercenaries of private military companies, combat losses are not recognized, so as not to give the enemy cause for joy, the picture is exceptionally victorious – our bombing from a safe height, there is no loss, unless by accident. And the most popular reason is an accident. And then this seemingly silly episode in the some point is used. Bird shot down – not Syrians”, – summed up Butusov.

We will remind that yesterday in the area of the Syrian base Hamim fell in the water Russian SU-30CM. Both pilots were killed.


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