Butted Kiselev with Lenin. And gored the deceased – along with the native history


Бодался Киселев с Лениным. И забодал покойного – вместе с родной историей

In one of the last broadcasts of Dmitry Kiselyov “Results of the week” were two extremely revealing passage. Here’s the first: “the Desire of Lenin to build a society based on bezridny relationship failed. Lenin was wrong.” In the same program Kiselev enthusiastically told me how in Australia celebrated the anniversary of the First artificial Earth satellite, launched October 4, 1957.

Have a full-time advocate hard work. He has to juggle and say “what is necessary” duty. At all times. For the sake of justice we will note, as Soviet propagandists, too, have sinned “free interpretation of the facts.” But not to “loss ugliness”.

The link between space exploration and the Soviet government video as truth. The Soviet government, the task was set and completed. And the Soviet government “invented” and implemented by Lenin. There’s just nothing to talk about. It is a historical fact.

To say that the Satellite has nothing to do with Soviet power – the same as to say that billions Rothenberg have nothing to do with Putin. But it’s not just that.

The Soviet government (which is and Win, and Satellite and the First nuclear icebreaker, the Gagarin, and the Bratsk hydroelectric power station, and BAM, KAMAZ and thousands more things unaffordable today) was the result of the 1917 Revolution. It is also a fact established.

Therefore, school teachers in the Soviet Union had absolutely no difficulties in the learning process of kids. They were told from year to year: “Lenin was a brilliant man who realized that scientists and engineers are essential to the progress of society in General and socialism in particular”.

That’s why he said “Communism is Soviet power plus electrification of the whole country.”

At the same time note that if Lenin said of electrification, it automatically means, that under the tsars it was not. To emphasize the already existing didn’t make sense.

And yet, we note that electrification is not a “light bulb of Ilyich” in every hut. This is an industry! This education and science! That’s progress!

The capitalists, the bourgeoisie and the clergy Lenin once complained. Exactly. And progress did not count them.

But in modern Russia the teachers have added a lot of problems.

To learn that Lenin was a visionary genius, it is impossible. Need to say that he and his colleagues, and his struggle, and his doctrine was a historical mistake. Or the result of a conspiracy of terrifying the enemies of the Russian state and its “Church of everlasting values.”

How else to explain the Revolution? Well, not the truth about it is to say, indeed!

So either Lenin’s creative genius and the Savior of the Fatherland, of those who are any country once in a Millennium, or a secret conspirator and enemy. There is no third.

If Lenin was the Creator and a genius, with a Companion, everything is clear. It is the result of Leninism, its direct consequence. He is the “electrification of Russia” in the General sense.

But if Lenin an agent of world Zionism, the British Queen and the German General staff, that nothing is clear!

How so? He is an agent, a traitor, and the country received from him such a boost!

Agent and a traitor – and he died at home, actually poor. And the people cried millions! Buried in the Mausoleum (which became a world heritage site by UNESCO). Fools they were? Kiselyov was not looking?

Agent and a traitor – and his name was Holy to hundreds of millions of people until 1991. Songs and poems were composed, books written, scientific papers written and academic titles received for them. What were all idiots? Of the Politburo of the Central Committee and the academics and historians to the working Basil in the Top Sandals?

Actually, this is not a joke. To explain the Revolution of the 17th only two ways – honest or deceitful. As the world, the unique socio-economic experiment – or as a “secret conspiracy”.

To explain honestly so hard to offend the “priests”, Sechin and Miller, Rothenberg and Vekselberg, Svanidze and Gozman, Mara Baghdasaryan and other respected people.

Hence, it is necessary to explain otherwise. And how, if not conspiracy – secret and secret?

And if the conspiracy turns out that Lenin was a bad man, vrazhina. And Stalin? He’s on Stucco prayed literally! Mountain eagle called! Referred to it in every public speech several times! Also a conspirator? And Brezhnev?

And the Satellite? In spite of Lenin and Stalin? Secretly in the basement? In the light of a torch?

Back to the main.

The satellite (and not only) was a direct, logical extension of the October Revolution. He even has been launched in October 1957, in its 40-year anniversary.

October Revolution – Lenin. And Lenin is the Soviet government. And the Soviet Government – a Satellite and more, and we go to the second round. And on the third, fifth, and tenth. Because it is one inseparable from the other. And there is no need to include here the “conspiracy theory”, because without it, everything is clear as day.

But if this internal logic break – everything will collapse. And to link Satellite and the History of Russia without a global conspiracy will not work!

The logical hole there will be nothing to plug. Therefore, should you only try to review the role of Lenin in history, as you will immediately run into the machinations of the Rothschilds and other reptiles. Other ways to explain the obvious doesn’t exist!

The stone falls to earth, either in accordance with the Law of gravity, or Satan has made it so. All! There are no other options.

I am personally absolutely convinced that Dmitri Kiselev is not an idiot. And internal logic between Revolution and Companion understands. He studied, he was not in Russian, and in a normal Soviet school.

But the unfortunate Russian scholar does not understand. Because he, unlike Dmitry Kiselyov, this logic is not taught in school, not saying that Lenin is a creative genius!

Father will punish you for such words! And the teacher will be left without work.

So what to think student?

And scholar, finds its explanation – the conspiracy it was! Secret! A Satellite launched by Putin. And uncle Kiselev for such speech of his from TV Pat on the shoulder. But at home, after work, I’ll probably drink vodka and say:

Oh, my God! As sickening lie! Even for big money!


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