Bus tours to Czech Republic


Автобусные туры в Чехию

Not far off in 2019. This is the perfect time for planning the vote. Many people choose to leave the city to celebrate the New year in another beautiful location. And since Christmas holidays are long enough I want to see as many different cities and get a charge of energy and emotions for the whole year. What about those who want to go abroad, but not solved because of the language barrier, unfamiliarity with the city and other reasons?

Popular destination for Christmas travel is the beautiful Czech Republic and a lot of the cities included in its composition. To realize the dream of the New year in this country and to visit her in the heart developed a special bus tour to the Czech Republic. On the website of “Bel-Orientir”, you can see a list of suggestions and select the appropriate option.

Why the “White reference”?

  • available prices and travel options, designed for different budget levels;
  • the firm’s employees offer assistance with visas and other documents for travel;
  • each tour has its own description and a list of attractions that are included in its programme;
  • contains information about what is included in the tour price and what additional cost;
  • in each journey, try to keep a minimum number of night journeys by bus;
  • included is a guide;
  • Breakfast and overnight at the hotels is included in the price;
  • loyalty program for regular customers.

Things to do in Czech Republic?

Choosing a tour bus, you can not worry about the pastime in the Czech Republic. Experienced organizers and guides these take care of themselves. On the way to the location will be able to simultaneously see and other European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary. The journey to the Czech Republic includes visits to the best attractions rich in history. Fantastic is and Czech cuisine which you can taste in the local cafes, restaurants and bars.

Thus, a trip to the Czech Republic is a great way to celebrate the New year in a circle of close people, to get enough impressions for the current year and to expand their horizons. Czech Republic is a unique country, which is beautiful at any time of the year, and in winter it is especially full of wonders, magic and floating in the air comfort.


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