Buryat journalist learned what it’s like to be homeless in Russia


Бурятский журналист узнал, каково быть бомжем в России

Buryat journalist Ayur bais decided to experience what life is like for the homeless and tramps. He was heavily disguised in a classic hobo, dressed in rags, and went begging on the streets of Ulan-Ude. The conclusion was disappointing – people almost all have shown a callousness and contempt, and “colleagues” chased from profitable.

The journalist said that such an act of his feat to the experience of Benjamin McAdams, the mayor of the city district salt lake in Utah, where more than a million people. The mayor, concerned that, in the streets, too many beggars, he four days spent in the image of the homeless, changing a business suit old jeans and ragged sweater. From the rain he took refuge with a piece of tarpaulin. Felt that life on the streets is akin to the feat he has achieved that the County has adopted a number of new social programs.

“To transform into a person of uncertain age, social status and occupation helped the makeup of the State Russian drama theatre. N.. Bestuzhev, says Ayur bais on the website “inform-Polis”. – My personality added a scar, a scattering of spots and a light stubble. They worked on my hands, nails and teeth, nothing to give me the once decent man. As a result, in the mirror, I saw, as I thought, the worst person in the world. This scar for almost half of the face was just chilling, lines and other elements of the makeup quietly slipped me a dozen years.

The first thing I experienced on the street, is shame. My head did not fit as a healthy young man with arms and legs can go in such rags, but still stick to passers-by. Had to completely change the way you walk, your posture, your look and manner of speech. The first stop I decided to make the cafe near the Living room series.

– Look, give us ten rubles, I’m hungry, – I appeal to passersby.

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But no result to no avail – people shied away from me as from the plague, ignored or curtly refused. In this moment I felt what it feels like to be useless and despised, and re-comprehended the famous saying “from prison and From Sumy do not promise…”

After 20 minutes, the journalist decided to move to a more “bread” point – to Mall, but there was another, a real bum, who sent him away, saying, “Go away, this is my place.”

Other feed-through “point” on a busy street was, fortunately, unoccupied.Lay a piece of cardboard disguised as “homeless” sat on her and began to beg from passers-by.

Бурятский журналист узнал, каково быть бомжем в РоссииPhoto:

“The most compassionate were women 30 years old – says the journalist.

– Who are you, how long here? – suddenly appealed to me a woman of 50.

I cringed too was curious passerby. I’m even more scared when she said she was coming for me on Monday. But my doubts about her were in vain, the woman introduced herself as an employee of one of the medical centers. Her voice sounded notes of compassion and empathy. I even wanted to trust this woman and go with her, but I’d have to pretend to be.

My next point of stay – our well-known “Arbat”, a place of beggars and wandering artists. There is, unfortunately, nothing came of it. Mostly went down the street, the young men and women who, as it turned out, not much to do handouts.

Passers-by refused to help, and money, and products. Then I decided for fun to try to get acquainted with young girls. The result of such encounters, of course, is predictable, however, wanted to watch their reaction. First went to one a slim blonde at the Newsstand. Her answer was very categorical: “fuck off! Go to work.” Then there was this other girl, but as soon as they heard my voice and knew who’s talking to them, hastily left. Only one of the girls that I asked to buy water, reacted with sympathy, but her friend gave to help me.”

The money collected on the street for half an hour was 56 rubles 85 kopecks. That is, according to rough estimates (hour – 100 rubles, a day – 800, five “working” days), makes about 16 thousand roubles a month. Not a lot, but you have to think about the most important – shelter, meds. Because life in the “field” conditions does not strengthen health.

“It is believed that the growing number of homeless and beggars – an obvious criterion of the degradation of living standards”, – the journalist writes, citing the statistics: in 2016, Ulan-Ude were 638 homeless people in 2017 are already 757.Not so very little for a city with a population of 432 thousand people.

“Experts can’t answer the question of why those who were at the bottom, with each year becomes more, the author concludes. – They have turned away from society and relatives. We have learned to ignore them on the streets. A very small percentage of this army of homeless have a chance of returning to normal life. But for this they need the help of other people. Alas, something tells me to soften countrymen more difficult than to snatch a bone from a stray dog. Very sorry that we have no such leaders as Benjamin McAdams, for whom the problems of society are paramount”.


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