Bulk in search of the next free money


Навальный в поисках очередных халявных денег

More recently, Alexei Navalny, bursting into politics, in his Telegram channel rather ironically spoke about people posting on their pages advertising.

Навальный в поисках очередных халявных денегPeople have at least a little familiar with the activities of odious blogger even then this caused an ironic smile.

And for good reason.

Today, Navalny had forgotten about his words and are trying hard to lure advertisers.

Here is what he wrote on his channel live broadcasts Bulk LIVE in the hope that someone will buy his grandiloquent: “he has 419 thousand subscribers, stable audience, good retention of the viewer. There are many different plans to develop the channel, we are going to implement them in 2018. One of these plans to understand finally, is it possible to advertise on this channel, how to do it and how you can make money on it”.

Expressing bluntly what all this was afoot, the Bulk at the same time trying to stay in the form of a disinterested fighter for justice.

“It is a direct to profit we have no plans. Not for this have we been up to. The channel exists to tell the truth, is rapidly displaced from other media.”

But then can not withstand the style and begins to put pressure on the pity “We exist on donations, but if it is it would be possible to close part of the cost channel, then what’s the harm? Of course, we as a non-profit organization will disclose all information about the advertising income, if any”.

The reasons for this behavior of Alex is clear: at least some interest in it prior to the beginning of the campaign (still shkolota sometimes attended its events, and too naive and trusting the people there, he sacrificed in his favor a little bit of money), completely disappeared after he failed to register as a candidate.

But you wanna live. Moreover, to live on free money. And here I thought Alex that money can be cut with advertisers.

But I think he’ll burn out. Advertisers – and prudent people to throw money into the wind like. If they run ads on the sites with high attendance. And with that Bulk, there is no doubt, the picture will be the same as with the rallies of the last times visitors remain on the strength of a few hundred.

Maybe even less: for shkoloty in YouTube there are much more interesting things.

So it would be better for Alex to retrain before it’s too late. At least the superintendent, as said Ostap Bender. To manage the house of his abilities, might be enough.


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