Bulk got burned on bitcoin. Where is the money, Alex?


Навальный погорел на биткоинах. Где деньги, Алексей?

Navalny recently showed the world another cursive masterpiece, tells a free the audience about the successes that have been achieved to him and his team last year. Much of the writing is not particularly interesting, but the point about funding is evident. “We have learned to Finance themselves. Yes, it’s modest funding, but in General it is enough and we will be able to cope” – solemnly reports Alex. That is 100 million rubles, which last summer told himself opposition live “Echo of Moscow” according to the standards of “modest funding”? Well, if you take into account the fact that he is, in the case of admission to the election, were going to spend on the campaign 1 billion, 100 million really will be enough.

And, apparently, not to wait for the sea weather, and more precisely, while the electorate again forked out, and he will be able to collect the necessary sum, and to keep pace with the times, Alex decided to adapt to the changing world, saying that now sacrifice not only currency: rubles, dollars, Euro, and bitcoin.

This became known from the correspondence between Navalny and Volkov, posted online by a group of hackers Felix.

Under this business was created two wallets (the details are on the official site) and started a downpour of cryptocurrencies. But here, the ubiquitous paparazzi prevented Bulk to fully enjoy the cash flow, pointing the nose into the discrepancies between official statements about the financing of campaigns and the actual withdrawal of funds from bitcoin wallets.

But Alex was not taken aback, saying that the difference is 1.3 – 4.8 million rubles connected with the course of bitcoin, cashing out some bitcoins at once.

And again deception!

As it became known, is another correspondence, but the same individuals, the Bulk not only took donations in bitcoins, but and invested the “electorate” in the bitcoin farm mining, in the expectation that bitcoin will grow as fast as in the second half of 2017. Now he grabs his head because the rate of the cryptocurrency is rapidly falling.

By the way the cost of one modest farm, for example, ON a 6GB GTX 1060 of 6 cards is about 200 thousand rubles. More advanced options with the use of specialized equipment, for example, ASIC will cost much more expensive. Much like the Bulk is not known, but, judging by the nervous tone of the correspondence, not one. As Alex is going to justify to the electorate and investors for the misuse of the money, apparently, even he is not yet clear.

So, Alex, where did the money?


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