Bulgaria real estate Scam cheated more than 500 people


Болгарии аферисты с недвижимостью обманули более 500 человек

More than 500 citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Estonia and Finland suffered from a major fraud with real estate in Varna. According to unconfirmed reports, some Bulgarians, too, flew. The amount extorted from the pockets of the scammers gullible citizens, is not less than 5 million euros, although in reality it may be 7 million and € 10 million. Her calculations were carried out on the basis of official documents, but in Bulgaria, widespread informal transactions in order to avoid taxes.

It all started in 2007 when the Foundation was laid for great throwing. Two offshore company “Suis capitl investments” and “Suis investment” using the same logo, started to collect money for the construction of a luxury complex on the coast of Varna. During the recent scandal “Panama gate” became known the name of the person behind these companies – he was a citizen of Bulgaria Daniel Slavov, better known in some circles as “Dinkata (Jinsik”).

Investors in Bulgarian real estate has been promised annual income in 15% or more of the subfolders in the matter of amounts and the money collected from offshore companies were given loans to developers at 1% per annum. Directly the money collected to the company “center Consult” LTD., “Bord” LTD., “accord” LTD., “Varna South Bay” LTD., “Stomi” OOD, “Cabacum residence” LTD., “Kabakum investment” LTD., “Dark 2004” LTD., “Dinaso” LTD., “rent-a-Capitol”. Part, apparently, took cash, and part of the investors were immediately transferred to the accounts of offshore companies.

As it turned out later, these shell companies were opened with the participation of “Dinkata” and his entourage.


Болгарии аферисты с недвижимостью обманули более 500 человек

Daniel Slavkov — “Dinkata”


No luxury complex is still not built. In 2013, lost their patience, investors have turned to the Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria. A criminal case was initiated for fraud unstated circle of persons. It is Specialized Prosecutor’s office. However, the puzzling fact that all “unidentified persons” names listed in the statement of the investors in the Prosecutor’s office from 2013, and Daniel slaviv “Jinsik” is on the case… witness.

This list is Irina V. Krivenko, a Ukrainian citizen currently hiding in the United States. She was listed as the Executive Director of the offshore company “Suis investment” and simultaneously authorized representative “Suis capitl investments” in Bulgaria.

Among the victims of the Scam, apparently, turned out to be influential people. It is known that the President and the chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria has written to the ambassadors of Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and the Consul of Finland with a request to expedite the investigation and punish the perpetrators. But the possibility is still there.

“In the Prosecutor’s manifest bias, deliberate delay and inaction,” – wrote in an open letter sent to media, throw investors and indicate that in 2017, the expiry of the Statute of limitations for this crime and the investigation just stops.- “We doubt that you will get justice from the Bulgarian law enforcement system.”

The victim from Ukraine Irina Filatova lost on reinvestitsiya 50 thousand euros. She said that convinced her to invest money in perspective project Director of “Suis capitl investments” in Ukraine Olga Prokudina. She swore that one can earn a minimum 15% per annum, and it turned out that this is all a major Scam. According to Irina Filatova, investors give money in return were given certificates in the amount from 1 thousand to 100 thousand euros, which was subsequently simple pieces of paper.

“Actually it was an imitation of the securities as the company “Suis capitl investments” had no license for conducting financial activities, including currency, that is, had no right to exchange currency through the exchanger,” explained consultant fraud in Bulgaria Pavlin Pavlov.

Galina Nesbit, lost 55 thousand euros, said that in 2012 he made several attempts to return the money. In response, we received a Memorandum from the “Suis capitl investments”, which stated that the firm is taking steps to end the protracted construction. However, due to the difficult economic situation is difficult, and the company is urgently looking for additional investors. And when you find it, then immediately everything will be fine. At the end of the letter, however, was a PostScript that investors are required to comply with the contract, and if it fails, then the money not received and indicated a reference to paragraph 6 of the investment Agreement. The paragraph States that all disputes with the firm are solved in a judicial procedure in the courts of the British virgin Islands, where the company is registered.

Interestingly, in that period the company “Suis capitl investments” had only one office in rented premises in the Business centre of Varna, where he was 1 Manager who answered the calls and letters.

As explained Galina Nesbit, concluding the investment agreement, she was sure that he was prepared in accordance with Bulgarian law, and her rights are protected on the territory of Bulgaria. However, it was not so. Moreover, she believes that the scammers knew that in Ukraine there are legal restrictions on the circulation of currency and there is no possibility to request protection from the national authorities because the investment committed in violation of Ukrainian laws. This follows from the following received text of the Memorandum:

“All customers who wrongly accuse the company and its current and former employees of fraud, creating a financial pyramid, will face legal actions in their own countries. The tax and financial institutions will be requested documents with information on making such clients money, royalties or income”.

Galina Nesbit said that he made a telephone conversation with Daniel by Slavova. After she told him all their grievances, he told her that “they are all crooks, and he doesn’t want to talk to them”, referring to the rush of investors.

PS currently, victims are trying to find incorruptible lawyer who is not afraid to file a complaint against the inaction of prosecutors and to bring the trial to the end. Were such not so many in Bulgaria…




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