Bugatti has announced electric sedan Royale


Bugatti анонсировала электрический седан RoyaleThe most luxurious electric car in the world

Electrification of the Volkswagen is in full swing and will affect even the Bugatti. In 2023 will present expensive electric sedan Bugatti Royale.

The electric vehicle, the Bugatti will surprise interior. As the famous Bugatti Royale 1930, the beginner will be one of the most luxurious cars on the market.

New electric Bugatti will build on the platform of the Porsche Taycan, and its length is not less than 5 m. it is Known that it will be all-wheel drive, and power the three electric motors will amount to 870 HP

It is also possible that the new Bugatti Royale will receive a revolutionary rechargeable battery with solid electrolyte. Expected and autopilot. The price of the Bugatti Royale will exceed 700 thousand euros.


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