Budget bean diet: minus 3 kg per week


Бюджетная фасолевая диета: минус 3 кг за неделюThis diet has lots of advantages.

Nutritionists suggest to try the bean diet to quickly get rid of 3-5 kg of excess weight.

Beans is one of the most nutritious foods of vegetable origin, which contains the same amino acids as in meat. So bean diet can sit even vegetarians.

The essence of the bean diet

As you already understood, the main product that will be consumed during the week in the amount of 300 g every day, it is the beans. You can choose white or red beans, based on individual preferences.

Beans increases metabolism, but at the same time can cause constipation, therefore nutritionists advise to drink plenty of water and yogurt during the diet. Also, it is very important to exclude from a menu those foods that can trigger slowing of metabolism meat, mushrooms, bread, sweet fruits and alcoholic beverages.

Allowed products on the bean diet are: beans, vegetables, greens, fruits, lean fish, milk beverages, dried fruits, eggs, nuts, vegetable oil.

The benefits of bean diet:

– saving money on the purchase of food;

– quick results;

– you will not feel hunger, as the beans perfectly nourishes;

– you can build muscle, if parallel force to do the kinds of physical activity;

– rejuvenation of the skin and internal organs;

– cleansing blood vessels and stabilize blood pressure.

As the beans – a natural antioxidant, it helps rejuvenate your body from the inside, preventing the premature aging process, so even if you are not going to lose weight, you need to include this product in the diet regularly.


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