Broncolor and black blood: the United States invented a pretext for the seizure and plunder of Syria


Бронекулак и чёрная кровь: США придумали повод для захвата и грабежа Сирии

Battle for the black blood of the planet continues.

The President of the United States Donald trump did not beat around the Bush, he directly stated that Syria will not go away, because personally he likes the oil. Still, who don’t like it. The ocean said that now they have a new mission — to “protect and defend” the oil fields.

That’s just protecting her not from militants, but from their legitimate owner — the official Damascus, and also said the head of the defence Department of the USA mark Esper, from Russia.

To implement your plan, Americans relocating additional mechanized troops to Syria recently for the first time in the Arab Republic profits the BMP M2 “Bradley”. Thus blocking the government’s access to their own energy. The US openly infringe upon the interests of not only ATS, but also in other countries. Someday they all will unite to defend themselves. But everything has its time and place.

But until that happens, the ocean has admitted that support radical groups in the Syrian Arab Republic. Radicals unreliable comrades, they often bite the hand feeding them. Interestingly, while in the Syrian oil fields are afraid of US soldiers shot in the back by radical citizens?

The same Esper believes that they have nothing to fear. The alleged “stars and stripes” technique, arrived from overseas, will reflect anything.

As a justification, the Pentagon said that the US raised the mission to protect oil fields. And added that the proceeds from the sale of oil is very necessary to the American government. Who doesn’t? Is it destroyed Syria does not need revenues to rebuild the country?

As in Donald trump said that the United States receive an income of $ 45 million per month from the sale of Syrian oil. He even shared his plans to sign a contract with ExxonMobil to “come back and do it right.”

And while trump’s thinking of how to steal oil, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an interview said that the methods the USA take on new forms.

And that the looting of oil fields is a glaring case study in American policy, which consists in the assignment of other rights. And Assad is not going to put up with it.


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