Broke the microphone in the Google Pixel 2? Blow it a few times


We continue to laugh and point a finger at Google and its smartphone Pixel of the second generation, which was not only expensive, but also shamelessly buggy. Have older model “falls off” the main speaker, burned the screen and some of its copies and all are sold without an operating system, but today he made the younger “Pixel”.

Owners of a Google Pixel 2 began to complain of regular problems with the MIC – he simply shuts down and stops working right during a call or during activation assistant Google Assistant, which is very strange for a top, albeit a very terrible appearance of the apparatus. Google aware of this situation and already found a solution: it specialists with a very serious facial expression suggesting to literally blow the speaker several times. It even has the official website, so everything is more than serious.

May be burnt pixels on the older models can be repaired, simply wiping the screen with Mr. Muscle, but Google? Of course, I will soon release a firmware that fixes problems with the microphone in the Google Pixel 2, but how was it possible at all to release such a buggy devices and sell them at that price? I sincerely sympathize with all those who still bought Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.


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