British nutritionists have identified the best diet


Британские диетологи определили лучший режим питания The study confirmed the benefit of supply on schedule.

Experts in the field of healthy eating from the UK made on the pages of Newspapers with the call to train yourself to eat at the same time.

Gastroenterologists claim that to modern people with their exhausted nervous system, and perpetual lack of sleep is the best format of food.

Scientists recommended to eat 5 times a day: 3 times have thoroughly and 2 times lightly snacking. According to them, such a daily schedule of power most favorable for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system and the human psyche.

“Breakfast is better to start at 7.00 in the morning with oatmeal or scrambled eggs, but you can afford and pancakes. At 11.00 am snack yogurt or fruit. Lunch at 13.00, and the next meal in the form of a small snack at 16.00. Dinner should be no later than 19.00”, — said the experts of the optimum scheme of supply.

Previously researchers had conducted an experiment involving 150 volunteers. They were divided into groups: in one the participants were fed strictly by the clock, in the other arbitrarily, in accordance with their wishes.

Experiments have shown that people who observe scientists proposed time power mode, the level of stress hormones in the blood was 70% lower than those who ate regularly. Scientists emphasize that the lack of regular order in the food intake only increases the pressure psychological stress experienced by people because deprived of the sense of stability.

According to them, the more human life of factors related to the orderly, systematic actions, the more secure he feels emotionally.


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