British Airways will prohibit its passengers to eat nuts


British Airways запретит своим пассажирам есть орехи

British airline British Airways will prohibit its passengers to eat nuts, if someone from the companions is allergic to them. About it reports The Daily Mail.

The new rules will enter into force on 18 February. Thus, the carrier will become the first in the world, who will impose such a ban.

It is reported that the airline staff will ask passengers to determine the presence of allergies. If you find that some of the travelers she is, sitting next to them will forbid to open a package of nuts. At the same time, can carry on Board bags of peanuts.

On 15 February the British MyOffers website has compiled a list of unusual, strange and dangerous things that travellers illegally tried to smuggle in their Luggage or carry-on baggage on the plane and other vehicles. It includes two-month-old lion cub, crocodile, chainsaw, human head, tarantulas.


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