Britain would strengthen the global military presence: the cause


Британия укрепит глобальное военное присутствие: названа причинаThe country will increase the lethality of the weapons.

The British defense Secretary Gavin Williamson believes that after leaving the EU, London should be ready to expand its military presence abroad, and to take action against countries that violate international laws.

“Brexit has led us to a great moment in our history. This is the moment when we must strengthen our global presence, increase the lethality of our weapons and a specific weight”, intends to declare the Minister.

The task of the country he took, in particular, and opposition to “resurgent Russia” in the conditions of termination of the Agreement on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

According to him, NATO needs to develop the ability to cope with the provocations of Moscow.

“Such actions Russia has to pay dearly”, − stated in the text of the speech of Williams.

To illustrate expand its overseas military presence, the Kingdom, will send the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth with British and American fighters F-35 in the Mediterranean and in the Pacific.


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