Britain threatened attack on Russia


Британия пригрозила ударом по РФUK is developing the framework of intelligence “fourth generation”.

The head of the UK intelligence said that Russia is the main engine sponsored cyber and terrorist attacks.

Alex Younger, called on the Kremlin not to underestimate the mood of the United Kingdom, as well as the capabilities and potential of the British intelligence services.

Younger also provided the grounds under which the UK is developing a framework of intelligence “fourth generation”, which is perfect for the new realities of our time. He noted that one of the main threats for today is Moscow.

Thus, the head of MI-6 Alex Younger said:

“If Russia will show any aggression and misbehavior, UK immediately strike back. I call to Russia or any other country that intends to cause harm to the British way of life, in no case did not underestimate the readiness and capabilities of Britain and its allies to provide the decisive answer,” said Alex Younger.


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