Britain refused to bomb Syria without evidence


Великобритания отказалась бомбить Сирию без доказательств

Prime Minister Theresa may said the US President Donald Trump that London needed more evidence of the likely chemical attack in Syria in order to join the attacks on this country. On Wednesday, April 11, reports the Times.

Mei refused to participate in the “quick retribution”, while the inspectors from the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) is preparing to visit the suburbs of Damascus, where, according to some non-governmental organizations, 6 April, government troops blew up the stuffed chlorine bomb. Also has information about the use of nerve gas.

Monday April 9, trump promised within 48 hours to give the US response to this attack. April 10, the U.S. Navy sent to the Mediterranean carrier strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” (USS Harry S. Truman). To the shores of Syria, approached the destroyer Donald Cook, equipped with 60 missiles “Tomahawk”.

On 11 April it became known that the American military compound in the middle East put on alert and waiting for the order to start military operations in Syria at any time after the order of the President of the United States.


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