Britain reacted sharply to Putin’s statement on the case Skrobala


Британия резко отреагировала на заявление Путина по делу СкрипалейLondon has accused Putin of lying.

Attempts by the UK to get an explanation from Russia over the poisoning of former Russian spy in Salisbury is always faced with the “manipulation and lies”, and this has not changed, said the press Secretary of the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may.

So the British authorities reacted to the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov that London was accused of attempted Skrobala, calling members of the Russian intelligence actually supposedly ordinary civilians.

“These men are officers of the Russian military intelligence, GRU… the Government revealed the role of GRU, his operatives and his methods, this position is supported by our allies,” – said the press Secretary told reporters.

“We have repeatedly asked Russia to explain what happened in Salisbury in March, and they answered the manipulation and lies. I can’t assume it has changed,” he added.


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