Britain prepares for Russian cyber attack


Великобритания готовится к российской кибератакеIn London consider such a scenario.

London expects Russia’s “revenge” for its position concerning the poisoning Skipala and strike on Assad’s forces in Syria.

This is stated in the material edition of the Sunday Times, which cites sources in the security sector.

It is noted that according to the officials of the security sector, the British government communications Centre (GCHQ, the intelligence Agency responsible for protecting the public value and electronic intelligence – ed.) will “continue to expose the unacceptable behaviour of Russia in cyberspace.”

It is reported that British intelligence agencies are also preparing for a possible publication of Pro-Russian hackers compromising officials of the British government.

We will remind, relations between Russia and great Britain strained after London accused Moscow in the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, deported from the country of the Russian diplomats. The crisis in relations between the two countries deepened after the participation of the UK in operations against Assad’s forces in Syria, supported by Russia.

In February, the British foreign office officially put on the Russian government responsible for a massive cyber attack using a virus-the extortioner NotPetya that they gave in June last year, hundreds of thousands of computers around the world.


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