Britain leaves the European Union on 29 March


Британия не покинет состав Евросоюза 29 мартаThe EU agreed to postpone the Brexit.

In the night from 29 to 30 March, the UK will come from the EU, as originally planned. This was agreed by the leaders of member States of the EU at the summit in Brussels.

Discussion the European presidents and heads of governments on the date of Brexit took all day and was forced to postpone all other matters on the agenda. About the decision announced late at night the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

Under this arrangement, if next week British MPs will reconsider its previous decision and accept the agreement on the terms Brexit, the date of exit of Britain from the EU will be sidelined on may 22, he said, acknowledging at the same time, this option is unrealistic.

In addition, EU leaders agreed to help Britain to avoid the “chaos” which would be inevitable if on the next week the British Parliament will not be able to support the agreement about the exit and about the United Kingdom will only have a few days to prepare for “hard Brexit”.

“If the House of Commons will not be able to vote, or third time will reject the agreement and this option’s political leaders consider most likely, given the political chaos in London – the United Kingdom will get the time to April 12 to choose how it will act,” – said Tusk.

He added that until 12 April in the UK would also remain the right to refuse withdrawal from the EU, withdrawing its application for this reason.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stressed that the outcome of the negotiations, the proposed agreement on the conditions you exit of Britain from the EU has not been changed, because previously the negotiators “did everything we could.”


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