Britain epic failed the program of recycling of nuclear submarines


Британия эпично провалила программу утилизации атомных подлодок

National audit office, UK (NAO) has criticized the program of the Ministry of defense for utilization of nuclear submarines, which since 1980 has spent £3,175 billion ($4.18 billion), but was never completed, the regulator’s report published on the NAO website.

“The defense Ministry does not dispose of any of the 20 submarines, decommissioned with 1980”, — the document says. According to the regulator, now disposal expect twice as many submarines are in service with the Royal Navy.

For all time the war Department has spent £500 million on maintenance and storage of the submarines, £275 million to get rid of fuel, and £2.4 billion to the removal of radioactive parts, said the administration.

Before sending the submarine for recycling, they have to remove their reactors and get rid of the remaining submarines nuclear fuel. For the realization of these plans the necessary infrastructure, skills and permission of regulators, noted in PAO.

So, in 2004, the Office for nuclear regulation said that the facilities in the city of Devonport, which is utilized submarines do not meet the standards, then the Ministry has stopped unloading from submarines with nuclear fuel and never entered the process.

According to initial plans, the disposal was to begin in 2011, however terms were repeatedly postponed and now the Ministry of defence expects to start this process in 2026-m PJSC noted that delay every time you raise the price and create reputational risks in connection with the project.



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