Brexit will have consequences for London


Chief negotiator of the EU Brexit Michel Barnier said that the United Kingdom will face negative consequences in the event of withdrawal from the EU without an agreement.

“Thrice rejected the agreement on Brexit, signed by Theresa may, the UK was the only way to adequately leave the European Union. And in the case of “hard” Brexit London will have to face consequences,” said Barnier, reports the with reference to

In addition, Barnier noted that throughout the negotiations the British Prime Minister may have never told him that “hard” Brexit could be a viable option.

At the same time, as we know, may have publicly insisted that a British exit from the EU without an agreement is a better option than a bad agreement.

As reported, currently, after two postponements, the deadline for entering the United Kingdom from the European Union is October. And the probability of exit without any agreement is quite large. Its effects can cause very severe blow to the British economy.

Meanwhile, a potential future British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (the name of the head of the government will be known July 23 – ed.) recently said he intends in October to suspend the work of Parliament in order to bring the country out of the EU under any conditions and without his approval.


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