Breast pain: possible causes named


Боль в груди: названы возможные причины The doctors told why sore Breasts and what to do.

Perhaps, every girl and woman knows what is premenstrual syndrome. Many are formed of different ailments, including pain in the chest. Someone continues to endure this suffering for a long time, others begin to look for means to resolve this trouble.

In this article you will learn what causes pain in Breasts, some illnesses may develop and what to do in such a situation.

Causes of chest pain

Chest pain has the scientific name “mastalgia”. Only there are seven main reasons for the formation of painful sensations in the Breasts.

Hormonal surge

Hormonal changes in the female body begin from adolescence. They can cause pain in the chest or sensitivity. In particular, when the girl starts menstruation, the pain appears a few days before the first day. It is also common in women who suffer from PMS or irregular menstrual cycle. Interestingly, the Breasts may start to hurt and in the middle of the menstrual cycle associated with ovulation. In addition, the cause of pain may be hormonal birth control pills.

Cysts of the mammary glands

Cysts – the so-called “bags” in the breast tissue, which are filled with fluid. Many women are afraid of this terrible word, but in fact it is easy to cure, if the time to detect the problem. Usually, the cysts formed in the breast enlargement. Again, this is due to hormonal changes or may form inflammatory disturbances.

Very often plunk cysts can be extremely painful. Because of this, women can confuse them with symptoms of cancer. However, the cyst is benign, treatable.

Breast cancer

But sometimes, pain in the chest directly related to serious disease – cancer. If the symptom is repeated for a long time, be sure to visit the oncologist. We are talking about pain, not sensitivity. During cancer chest is starting to hurt already at a fairly developed stage of the disease, respectively, previously you could not notice any other symptoms. In these inflammatory processes and pain should immediately consult a mammologist.

Abscesses of the breast

This infectious disease can really cause the formation of painful sensations in his chest. An abscess is an accumulation of pus in the breast tissue. Due to this, the formation of small lumps. They are easily felt by palpation, as well as cause in such moments of pain. The pus develops because of bacteria that enter the tissue of the breast through cracks in the nipples. Very often this trouble is stalking lactating mothers. Also during breastfeeding may form abscesses. To get rid of the infection, in any case, you need treatment from a specialist. In some cases, treatment may be based on antibiotics.


Again, pregnant women experience hormonal changes, the body starts rebuilding. So pregnancy quite often accompany chest pain. You could even say that it is almost always an integral part of pregnancy. Sensitivity, generally formed during the first pregnancy. Also in the first trimester, the Breasts begin to increase in size. Besides pain, there are other signs on the chest may appear small blue veins that say that the blood flow to this part of the body is increased.


While breastfeeding is almost impossible to avoid chest pain. Sometimes these unpleasant sensations accompany a woman even if she is not breastfeeding. The thing is that a surge of milk and the activity of hormones has not been canceled, and this is what provokes the pain. Also women increases the risk of infection (and abscess), if the skin on your chest dry and chapped. When severe and prolonged pain, you must consult a specialist who will help to establish whether there is infection.


Mastitis is an inflammatory disease that occurs during lactation due to obstruction (i.e. blockage) of dairy tributaries. This condition can be caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. The result is severe inflammation causing the pain. Also during mastitis there are other symptoms: redness of the breast, inflammation, body temperature increased, fatigue, and General malaise.


This is one of the most common diseases in women that are facing pain in my chest. Fibrocystic disease is characterized by changes in breast tissue with a breach of epithelial and connective tissue component. There is a definite link between breast disease and breast cancer, so women who have this diagnosis, it is necessary to consult a mammologist.

As a rule, mastitis occurs due to menstrual irregularities. Under the influence of estrogen and progesterone in the breast (and also in the vagina, uterus, and cervix) form a natural change. Hormonal imbalance leads to stagnation, and this affects the state of the breast. Mastitis can develop not just pain, but tingling, burning, paresthesia, roughness of the chest and heaviness. Even a walk or a trip in public transport lead to unpleasant sensations.

What to do if chest hurts?
You first need to determine the cause of the formation of painful sensations in the mammary glands. If you are not a doctor, specializing in this, then should immediately appeal to mammologist. Only he can reveal the disease that caught up with you.

As a rule, together with the doctor who holds the necessary palpation, appoint a number of other related surveys:

According to the test results, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medication. This can include various medications, herbs, and other tools.

How to examine the chest the most?
It should say that you are the first assistant himself. After all, you are able to notice changes in the mammary glands. This requires the monthly (one day) in the first half of the menstrual cycle to examine their own Breasts.

Remember that the breast swells before menstruation and during menstruation. It can also increased and remain after the cycle for some time. A mid-cycle not recommended for survey, as this can provoke painful feelings.

For the self-study must be with the toes around the circumference of the chest, with each round reducing the diameter, until the halo of the nipple. The procedure must be repeated standing, raising the hand, by which you examine the chest, and then lying down.

How to care for Breasts?
Of course, nobody would like to deal with such problems. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the breast, which is extremely gentle. Women should keep their Breasts the same as men fuss over your groin area. Not too far to compress the chest, much to bite (especially not to the blood and wounds!), twist his nipples. It all leads to injuries of milk ducts and cause inflammation.

Correctly pick up bra. It should not be too tight (disturbed circulation), but not too large (sagging Breasts). And sports should be separate bodice, which will support the Breasts. Because during physical exercise the skin stretches and the Breasts SAG.

You cannot sunbathe Topless. This leads to rapid aging as well as wrinkles and dryness on the nipple. Cleavage can occur age spots. In addition, the skin on the chest is very thin, so the extra load can be only harmful.

Always watch your posture. So the breast will look lifted and beautiful, and you will become much slimmer.

And be sure to watch your weight, because Breasts mostly consist of fat cells. The more you weigh, the more the breast, which can cause sagging, pain during walking and other side effects.


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